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Cognitive Infocommunications, Theory and Applications

Cognitive Infocommunications, Theory and Applications
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Using deep rectifier neural nets and probabilistic sampling for topical unit classification.- Monte Carlo methods for real-time driver workload estimation using a cognitive architecture.- Cognitive data visualization - a new field with a long history.- Executive functions and personality from a systemic-ecological perspective.- Mirroring and prediction of gestures from interlocutor's behavior.- Automatic labeling affective scenes in spoken conversations.- Tracking the expression of annoyance in call centers.- Modeling of filled pauses and prolongations to improve Slovak spontaneous speech recognition.- Enhancing air traffic management security by means of conformance monitoring and speech analysis.- Compassion cluster expression features in affective robotics from a cross-cultural perspective.- Understanding human sleep behaviour by machine learning.- Electroencephalogram-based brain-computer interface for Internet of Robotic Things.- CogInfoCom-driven surgical skill training and assessment.- Cognitive cloud-based telemedicine system.- Pilot application of eye-tracking to analyze a computer exam test.- The edu-coaching method in the service of efficient teaching of disruptive technologies.- 3D modeling and printing interpreted in terms of cognitive infocommunication.- Constraints programming driven decision support system for rapid production flow planning.- Improving adaptive gameplay in serious games through interactive deep reinforcement learning.- A study on a protocol for ad hoc network based on Bluetooth Low Energy.


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Autor: Jan Nikodem, Péter Zoltán Baranyi, Ryszard Klempous


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