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Engineering Digital Transformation: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Industrial E

Engineering Digital Transformation: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Industrial E
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Chapter 1. New Perspective on Building Strategy in Public Education Institution.- Chapter 2. Role Clarity and Satisfaction for Knowledge Workers.- Chapter 3. An Innovation Model for EPC/Turnkey Sector: the Case of Abengoa Solar New Technologies.- Chapter 4. How Does Working on University-Business Collaborative Projects Foster the Industrial Doctorates´ Learning Process?.- Chapter 5. Business Model Innovation from a Technology Perspective: A Review.- Chapter 6. The Impact of Real Estate Taxations on the Iinter-Municipal Migration Which Influences The Housing Construction Dynamics.- Chapter 7. Developing a Pre-scale for Evaluating Supervisors´ Directive Style in Continuous Improvement Environments.- Chapter 8. Mandatory Convertible Bonds as an Efficient Method of Issuing Capital.- Chapter 9. Culture and Environment as Antecedents of Technological Entrepreneurship.- Chapter 10. Drivers´ Perception of the Major Advantages of Electric Vehicles.- Chapter 11. A Study on Consumer Behaviour in the Sharing Economy.- Chapter 12. Levels of Application of Public R&D&I  Policy Models.- Chapter 13. Limitations and Pitfalls of the Brain that Prevent us from Thinking.- Chapter 14. Lessons Learned in Assessment of Technology Maturity.- Chapter 15. Assessing Worldwide Research About Performance Measurement for SMEs: 2006 - 2016.- Chapter 16. Organizational Structures in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and their Performance Measurement Systems.- Chapter 17. Resilience Engineering: Concepts of the New Paradigm.- Chapter 18. The Importance of Intangible Liabilities to Business Management etc.


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Autor: Carlos Andrés Romano, José-Pedro García-Sabater, Raúl Poler, Ángel Ortiz


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