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Advancement of Optical Methods & Digital Image Correlation in Experimental Mechanics, Volume 3: Proc

Advancement of Optical Methods & Digital Image Correlation in Experimental Mechanics, Volume 3: Proc
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Chapter 1. Beyond the Airbrush: Applications of Digital Image Correlation in Vascular Biomechanics.- Chapter 2. A New Method of Fringe Pattern Analysis.- Chapter 3. A Review: Optical Methods that Evaluate Displacement Information (40-min).- Chapter 4. Measuring Spallation Strength of Epoxy by Laser Spallation Technique.- Chapter 5. Uncertainty Quantifications for Multiviewcorrelation.- Chapter 6. Image Analysis of Curvature Using Classical Mechanics, The Elastica.- Chapter 7. Fast Adaptive Global Digital Image Correlation.- Chapter 8. Speckle Image Rendering for DIC Performance Assessment.- chapter 9. Speckles and DIC or Checkerboards and LSA?.- Chapter 10. Update on the 2D-DIC Challenge: Results and Conclusions.- Chapter 11.Eliminating Air Refraction Issues in DIC by Conducting Experiments in Vacuum.- Chapter 12. Identification of Deformation Mechanism in Biomaterials Through AFM and Digital Image Correlation.- Chapter 13. Fast, Sub-Pixel Accurate Digital Image Correlation Algorithm Powered by Heterogeneous (CPU-GPU) Framework.- Chapter 14. Vibration Modal Analysis by High-Speed and Accurate Shape Measurement using One-Pitch Phase Analysis Method.- Chapter 15. DIC Image on FIB Ring-Core Analysis of Depth Sensing Residual Stress Measurement of Thin Films.- Chapter 16. Measurement of Local Strain Distribution and Its Variation Near Eyes During Blink Using Digital Image Correlation.- Chapter 17. Investigating Fatigue Striation Morphology in Crystallisable Elastomers by using a Phase Extraction Algorithm.- Chapter 18. Ultra-High Speed Imaging for DIC Measurements in Kolsky Bar Experiments.- Chapter 19. Application of Digital Image Correlation to Structures in Fire.- Chapter 20. Full-Field Determination of the Taylor-Quinney Coefficient in Tension Tests of Ti-6Al-4V at Strain Rates up to 7000 s ¹.- Chapter 21. Laser and White-light Speckle Techniques - A Brief Review (40-min).- Chapter 22. Accurate Reconstruction of High-gradient Strain Field in Digital Image Correlation: A Local Hermite Scheme.- Chapter 23. Development of a New Normalization Technique for Twelve- Fringe Photoelasticity (TFP).- Chapter 24. On Performing Spatiotemporal Stereocorrelation at Very High Temperatures.- Chapter 25. Compression Tests on CFRP Analyzed by Digital Image Correlation.- Chapter 26. Evaluation of Residual Stress with Optical Methods.- Chapter 27. Elevated Temperature Optical Microscopy DIC.- chapter 28. A Digital Laser Speckle Technique for Generating Slope Contours of Bent Plate.- Chapter 29. Deflectometry on Curved Surfaces.- Chapter 30. Measurement on a Sample of Fuel Cell at High Temperature.- Chapter 31. Simulation of 3D Reconstruction of Conical Calibration Targets.- Chapter 32. Recent Advancements and Perspective about Digital Holography:  A Super-tool in Biomedical and Bioengineering Fields.- Chapter 33. High-speed Holographic Shape and Transient Response Measurements of Mammalian Tympanic Membrane.- Chapter 34. High-speed Digital Image Correlation for Endoscopy: a Feasibility Study.- Chapter 35. Holographic Interferometry - Then and Now.



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