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Cloud Computing and Big Data: Technologies, Applications and Security

Cloud Computing and Big Data: Technologies, Applications and Security
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Elliptic Curve Qu-Vanstone based signcryption schemes with proxy re-encryption for secure cloud data storage.- Cloud Computing: Overview and Risk Identification Based on Classification by Type.- Authentication Model for Mobile Cloud Computing Database Service.- FADETPM: Novel Approach of File Assured Deletion Based on Trusted Platform Module.- Issues and Threats of Cloud Data Storage.- Challenges of Crowd Sensing for Cost-effective Data Management in the Cloud.- On the Security of Medical Image Processing in Cloud Environment.- Implementations of Intrusion Detection Architectures in Cloud Computing.- Privacy in Big Data Through Variable t-Closeness for MSN Attributes.- The Big Data-RTAP: Toward a Secured Video Surveillance System in Smart Environment.- Optimizations in Fully Homomorphic Encryption.- Support Cloud SLA establishment using MDE.- A New Parallel and Distributed Approach for Large Scale Images Retrieval.- Classification of Social Network Data Using a Dictionary-Based Approach.- Parallel and Distributed Map-Reduce Models for External Clustering Validation Indexes.- Workflow Scheduling Issues and Techniques in Cloud Computing: A Systematic Literature Review.- A Review of Green Cloud Computing Techniques.- Towards a smart exploitation of GPUs for low energy motion estimation using Full HD and 4K Videos.- Machine Learning applications in supply chains: Long Short-Term Memory for demand forecasting.- Performance Analysis of Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver on Heterogeneous (Multi-CPUs/Multi-GPUs) Architecture.- Runtime prediction of optimizers using improved support vector machine.- AND/OR directed graph for dynamic web service composition.- An NLP based text-to-speech synthesizer for Moroccan Arabic.- Context-Aware Routing Protocol for Mobile WSN : Fire Forest Detection.


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Autor: Chunming Rong, Mohammed Essaaidi, Mostapha Zbakh, Pierre Manneback


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