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Recent Advances in Soft Computing: Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Soft Computing (M

Recent Advances in Soft Computing: Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Soft Computing (M
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Solving Sudoku's by Evolutionary Algorithms with Preprocessing.- Weak Ties and How to Find Them.- Robustness and Evolutionary Dynamic Optimisation of Airport Security Schedules.- Enhanced Archive for SHADE.- Adaptation of Sport Training Plans by Swarm Intelligence.- On the Influence of Localisation and Communication Error on the Behaviour of a Swarm of AUVs.- Spam Detection Using Linear Genetic Programming.- Optimization of Protein Mixture Filtration.- Accelerated Genetic Programming.- Hybrid Multi-objective PSO for Filter-based Feature Selection.- Scalability of GPA-ES Algorithm.- Comparison of Three Novelty Approaches to Constants (Ks) Handling in Analytic Programming Powered by SHADE.- Proposal of a New Swarm Optimization Method Inspired in Bison Behaviour.- Stochastic Heuristics for Knapsack Problems.- Waste Processing Facility Location Problem by Stochastic Programming: Models and Solutions.- Randomization of Individuals Selection in Differential Evolution.- Grammatical Evolution for Classification into Multiple Classes.- A Spiking Model of Desert Ant Navigation Along a Habitual Route.- The Application Perspective of Izhikevich Spiking Neural Model - The Initial Experimental Study.- Fuzzy Granular Calculations for the Sematic Web Using Some Mathematical Morphology Methods.- Exploring the Map Equation: Community Structure Detection in Unweighted Undirected Networks.- One of the Possible Ways to Find Partial Dependencies in Multidimensional Data.- Emergent Phenomena in Complex Systems.- Utilization of Machine Learning in Vibrodiagnostics.- Deep Analytics Based on Triathlon Athletes Blogs and News.- Weighted Multilateration in Volumetry of CNC Machine Tools.- Numerical Solving Linear Systems of Stiff Delay Differential Equations with Constant Delays.- Dynamic Generalized Berge-Zhukovskii Equilibrium.- Fuzzy Logic Control Application for the Risk Quatification of Projects for Automation.


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