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Advances in Computational Intelligence Systems: Contributions Presented at the 18th UK Workshop on C

Advances in Computational Intelligence Systems: Contributions Presented at the 18th UK Workshop on C
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On the Integrity of Performance Comparison for Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimisation Algorithms.- The Influence of Age Assignments on the Performance of Immune Algorithms.- Evolutionary Constraint in Artificial Gene Regulatory Networks.- Exploiting Tournament Selection for Efficient Parallel Genetic Programming.- Solving Partial Differential Equations with Bernstein Neural Networks.- Daily Energy Price Forecasting Using a Polynomial NARMAX Model.- Model Selection in Time Series Forecasting.- Fuzzy Modeling for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems using Fuzzy Equations and Z-numbers.- Medical Expert Systems - A Study of Trust and Acceptance by Healthcare Stakeholders.- Agent Based Micro-Simulation of a Passenger Rail System Using Customer Survey Data.- Fintech Bitcoin Smart Investment based on the Random Neural Network with a Genetic Algorithm.- Generating ANFISs through Rule Interpolation: An Initial Investigation.- Disentangling the Latent Space of (Variational) Autoencoders for NLP.- A Low Computational Approach for Assistive Esophageal Adenocarcinoma and Colorectal Cancer Detection.- Learning from Interaction: An Intelligent Networked based Human-bot and Bot-bot Chatbot System.- A Study on CNN Transfer Learning for Image Classification.- Dendritic Cell Algorithm with Fuzzy Inference System for Input Signal Generation.- A Method of Abstractness Ratings for Chinese Concepts.- Effective Diagnosis of Diabetes with a Decision Tree-initialised Neuro-fuzzy Approach.- A Comparison of Re-sampling Techniques for Pattern Classification in Imbalanced Data-Sets.- Classification of Heterogeneous Data Based on Data Type Impact on Similarity.- Clustering-based Fuzzy Finite State Machine for Human Activity Recognition.- Deep Online Hierarchical Unsupervised Learning for Pattern Mining from Utility Usage Data.- Online Object Trajectory Classification using FPGA-SoC Devices.- Key Frame Extraction and Classification of Human Activities using Motion Energy.- A Comprehensive Obstacle Avoidance System of Mobile Robots Using an Adaptive Threshold Clustering and the Morphin Algorithm.- Physarum Inspired Connectivity and Restoration for Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks.- Mining Unit Feedback to Explore Students' Learning Experiences.- Dimension Reduction Based on Geometric Reasoning for Reducts.- Anomaly Detection in Activities of Daily Living using One-Class Support Vector Machine.- Towards Active Muscle Pattern Analysis for Dynamic Hand Motions via SEMG.- A Novel Crossings-based Segmentation Approach for Gesture Recognition.


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Autor: Ahmad Lotfi, Alexander Gegov, Caroline Langensiepen, Hamid Bouchachia, Martin McGinnity


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