English for Fun: Englische Texte mit deutschen Worterklärungen. B1-B2 (GER)

English for Fun: Englische Texte mit deutschen Worterklärungen. B1-B2 (GER)
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Foreword: English Can Be Fun!

That Sounds Funny ...
Funny-Sounding Words - Elephant's at the Rubbity: Rhyming Slang - "Hasta luego cocodrilo" - Tongue Twisters - Wishy-Washy, Arty-Farty - Smash, Bang, Crash, Plop! - Cows Moo, Do You?

Questionable Quotes
Famous Last Words - Bushisms - More Crazy Things People Have Said - Headlines - Bumper Stickers - Silly Signage - Classified Ads - Church Bulletin Typos - Accident Reports - Company Condoms - Pearls of Wisdom - Murphy's Law

Translations and Other Misunderstandings
Helpful Information for English-Speaking Tourists ... - F---Ing Kinky - Marketing Troubles

Colourful Language
Colours - Colour Your World with Idioms - Drunk As a Skunk? No. Sick As a Dog! - Welches Tier gehört zu dir? - Animal Idioms - Collective Nouns - Tidbits - Common Yiddish Words - Let's Play Ball - Colourful Comparisons ... Aussie Style

Let's Get Silly
Books That Were Never Written - Kids' Riddles + Jokes - Slightly More Sophisticated ...

Being Indirect
Euphemisms - Be Careful What You Say

Word Play
Anagrams - Spoonerisms - That's a Pun, Son ... - "Can you give me the ... ahh, ummm, the ...?" - Playful Punctuation - Persuasive Punctuation - A Proverb for Every Occasion ...

A Poem

The English Language
Rules for Writers - Conjugating Very Irregular Verbs - Ghoti and Chips? - I Am So Gruntled! - X Marks the Spot - Proposals for English Language Reform - Making Simple Things Complicated - How to Say Nothing at All, yet Sound Competent - What Academic Writing Really Means ...

Virtual Language
Spelling and Texting - The Internet


For Further Fun

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