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Sustainability and the Humanities

Sustainability and the Humanities
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Chapter 1.The Role of Religion in Global Sustainability: A Study on Catalonia's Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals.-Chapter 2.Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred: Transformative Learning as the Bridge between Worlds.-Chapter 3.Enabling Transformative Urban Development for Integral Sustainability: A Case for Tapping the Potential of Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy in Planning Practice and Theory.-Chapter 4.Sustainability, The Image of God, and The Person of Christ: An Exploration of the Role of The Hypostatic Union for the Sustainability Project.-Chapter 5.Re-coupling Nature and Culture: How can Primary Teacher Educators Enable Pre-service Teachers and Their Pupils to Breathe Life Back into Humanity's Tin Forests?.-Chapter 6.Is it Possible to Give Environmental Issues A More Prominent Role in Church Life?,-Chapter 7.The Poor Just might be the Educators We Need for Global Sustainability - A Manifesto for Consulting the Unconsulted.-Chapter 8.Religious Organizations Bringing Sustainability Closer to Reality: Academic Contributions to Environmental Sustainability and Climate Resilience that can Help Faith Leaders Build Communities that are Environmentally, Socially and Economically Sustainable: Part 1 - A Literature Review.-Chapter 9.The Roots Project Student Sustainability, Wellbeing and Global Citizenship.-Chapter 10.Transitioning to Sustainable Food Choices: A Course Design.-Chapter 11.Terra Two: An Ark for Off-World Survival-A York St John University Project on Sustainability, Spirituality, and Science Fiction.-Chapter 12.Sustaining Theology: Personal Search to Public Research: Bible to Bibliography.-Chapter 13.Exploring the Pentecostal Faith - Sustainability - Entrepreneurship Nexus in Zimbabwe.-Chapter 14.Examining Evidence of How A Culture Values Nature, Particularly its Spiritual Value.-Chapter 15.Approaches for the Implementation of Water-Related Cultural Ecosystem Services in Teaching Programs on Sustainable Development.-Chapter 16.Towards an Integrated Disciplinary Narrative and an Enhanced Role for Geography in Education for Sustainability: Reflections on South African Higher Education.-Chapter 17.Conjuring A 'Spirit' for Sustainability:A Review of the Socio-materialist Effects Of Provocative Pedagogies.-Chapter 18.Engaging Intuition and Imagination for Solutions To Confounding Science and Societal Problems.-Chapter 19.Re-thinking Economics in A Circular Way in the Ligh of Encyclical "Laudato Si".-Chapter 20.Contemplative Sustainable Futures: The Role of Individual Inner Transformation in Sustainability Research and Education.-Chapter 21.Sustained by Faith? The role of Christian Belief and Practice in Living Sustainably.-Chapter 22.Transformative Education for Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing; A Model of Online Delivery.-Chapter 23.Sustainably Sourced Seafood: A Criminological Approach to Reduce Demand for Illegal Seafood Supply.-Chapter 24.Sustaining Human Food Sources by Using Abrahamic Religious Guidance as a Framework for their Sustainable Production and Consumption.-Chapter 25.Systematic Thinking as a Factor in Implementing Sustainable Development.-Chapter 26.Taking Sustainability to Heart - Towards Engaging with Sustainability Issues Through Heart-Centred Thinking.-Chapter 27.The Evolution of Societal Values: A historical Perspective of the Role of Sustainability in the Practice of Economics.-Chapter 28.Religion and the Environment: An Exploration of the Connections Among the Hindu and Christian Community in the Republic of Mauritius.-Chapter 29.What Can we Learn from Pope Francis about Change Management for Environmental Sustainability? A Case Study on Success Factors for Leading Change in Change Resistant Institutional Environments.-Chapter 30.Law's Ethics and Sustainability: Corporate Tax and Sustainable Social Structures.-Chapter 31.A Model for Integrating Spirituality in Social Development in Latin America: Exploring Pope Francis Encyclical Letter Laudato Si (On Care for Our Common Home), the Ecology of


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