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Development and Sustainable Growth of Mauritius

Development and Sustainable Growth of Mauritius
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1. Chapter One: Mauritius: The Making of a Developmental African State

Vanessa T. Tang, Merle G. Holden and Timothy M. Shaw

2. Chapter Two: Coalitions, Capitalists and Credibility: Overcoming the Crisis of Confidence at Independence in Mauritius

Deborah Brautigam and Tania Diolle

3. Chapter Three: Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Mauritius

Vanessa T. Tang, Fiona Tregenna and Johane Dikgang

4. Chapter Four: Zoning In on Special Economic Zones in Mauritius: Structure, Evolution and Economic Impact

Vanessa T. Tang

5. Chapter Five: Impact of the Dismantling of the Multi-Fibre Agreement in the Export Processing Zones of Mauritius

Jaysen Ramasamy

6. Chapter Six: Export Sophistication and Bilateral Trade of Mauritius: An Extended Gravity Model Approach

Vanessa T. Tang

7. Chapter Seven: The Service Export-Led Growth Hypothesis in Mauritius

Kobena T. Hanson, Vanessa T. Tang and Hilary T. Muguto

8. Chapter Eight: An Input-Output Analysis of Mauritius' Economy

Vanessa T. Tang and Fiona Tregenna

9. Chapter Nine: Threats to Environmentally Sensitive Areas From Peri-Urban Expansion in Mauritius

David S. Hammond, Valery Gond, Claudia Baider, Vincent F. B. Florens, Sharveen Persand and Susan G.W Laurance

10. Chapter Ten: Towards Economic Transformation: The Way Forward for Africa

Joseph Atta-Mensah, Vanessa T. Tang, and Timothy M. Shaw


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Autor: Merle G. Holden, Timothy M. Shaw, Vanessa T. Tang


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