Should abortion be legal?

Should abortion be legal?
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Essay from the year 2010 in the subject Sociology - Medical Care, grade: B, The University of Texas at Austin, language: English, abstract: From research which was carried by the World Health Organization, there are about four thousand abortions made every single day in America. And world wide, the numbers of abortions in a single day are about one hundred twenty thousand. The issue on weather abortion should be legalized is still bothering many people's minds and the question is, what is abortion? This can be referred to as pregnancy destruction accidentally in form of a miscarriage or by someone's willed. Therefore we would be weighing the merits and demerits of abortion and discover if abortion legalization is a significant right women should have. Abortions that come up as a result of rape and possible health concerns to a mother are about 7% from the research made by doctors. But social and personal factors are the major cause for most of the abortions.


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