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Sounds and the City: Volume 2

Sounds and the City: Volume 2
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1. Continuing the Conversations: Introducing Volume Two of Sounds and the City ; Brett Lashua, Stephen Wagg, Karl Spracklen, M. Selim Yavuz. - Part 1: Cities of Origin?. 2. Re-Calling Grunge: Seattle, Anniversary Journalism and Changing Narratives of a Genre; Catherine Strong. - 3. Detroit: Techno City; Hillegonda C. Rietveld and Alessio Kolioulis. - 4. Placing the Music: Kingston, Reggae Music and the Rise of Popular Culture; Kevon Rhiney and Romain Cruse . - 5. Cleveland: "Where Rock Began to Roll"?; Brett Lashua. - Part 2: Global Cities?. - 6. From Rio to São Paulo: Shifting Urban Landscapes and Global Strategies for Brazilian Music; Kariann E. Goldschmitt. - 7. Placed: Dis/Placed - The Journeys of Jazz across Johannesburg; Gwen Ansell. - 8. Beijing is Rock, Shanghai is Jazz: Musical Identity Formations and Shifts in the Big City Soundscapes of China; Andrew David Field. - 9. Elusively Ubiquitous: Issues with the Applications of Hybridity in Visual Kei; Mira Malick. - 10. The Bayous of Borrowash: Cajun Music in Derby, England, in the Late Twentieth Century; Stephen Wagg. - 11. The Spaces of Early Rock and Roll in Hamburg-St Pauli; Julia Sneeringer. - 12. "Piano is My Homeland": Subverting Violence Through Musical Resistance in Yarmouk Refugee Camp; S. Ali Mostolizadeh. - 13. Bollywood and the Life of Music in Twenty-First Century Mumbai; Gregory D. Booth. - Part 3: Legacies and Heritage?. - 14. Folk Music and Political Activism in Greenwich Village and at the Newport Folk Festival, 1935 - 1965; Stephen Petrus and Ronald D. Cohen. - 15. Madchester; Katie Milestone. - 16. In Hot Water: Cultural and Musical Conflict in The American Spa; Robert W. Fry. - 17. Provincial Towns and Yorkshire Cities: Post-Punk Sounds, Suburban Escape and Metro-Hegemony; Rio Goldhammer. - 18. Did Wigan have a Northern Soul?; Stephen Catterall and Keith Gildart. - 19. Austin and Americana Music: Sites of Protest, Progress and Millennial Cool; Dave Robinson. - 20. Afterword: Sounds and the City; Brett Lashua, Stephen Wagg, Karl Spracklen, and M. Selim Yavuz


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Sprachen: Englisch
Autor: Brett Lashua, Karl Spracklen, M. Selim Yavuz, Stephen Wagg


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