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Women Researching in Africa: The Impact of Gender

Women Researching in Africa: The Impact of Gender
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1. Women researching in Africa: The impact of gender; Ruth Jackson and Max Kelly.- Part I: Gender and identity as a female researcher in Africa.- 2. ''Gone native?': Reflections of a feminist tightrope walker's research on 'land grabbing' and the dilemmas of 'fieldworking' while parenting; Rama Salla Dieng.- 3. Identity and experience in Malawi: Challenges and observations; Joanna Woods.- 4. Navigating gender performance: Ethics and culture in researching family care for cancer patients in Ghana; Deborah Atobrah.- 5. When in Rome...: Navigating decolonial research as a diasporic Black woman; Lioba Hirsch.- 6. Reflections on the dilemmas of feminist fieldwork in Africa; Tanya Lyons.- Part II: Relationships with 'others' as a female researcher in Africa.- 7. Researching the rural: A Mzungu loose in Africa; Max Kelly- 8. Women and anthropologists in West Africa: comparing two research experiences; Ester Botta Somparé and Mara Vitale.- 9. Constant questioning on-and-off the page: Race, decolonial ethics and women researching in Africa; Amber Murrey; 10. Lessons Learned on Research Methods and Researcher Stance in Africa; Jody L. McBrien.- Part III: Methodological challenges for female researchers in Africa.- 11. Challenges and opportunities of doing fieldwork as a woman on women in Guinea; Carole Ammann.- 12. On walking alone and walking with others: Framing activities and decisions by time and distance in Kafa Zone, Ethiopia; Ruth Jackson.- 13. Gender and positionality: Opportunities, challenges and ethical dilemmas in Ghana and Sierra Leone; Vanessa van den Boogaard.- 14. Historiography of African Market Women; Mutiat Oladejo.- 15. Women researching Africa: linking experience to practice; Max Kelly and Ruth Jackson.



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