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Studies in the Sociology of Population: International Perspectives

Studies in the Sociology of Population: International Perspectives
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Chapter 1. Introduction: The Roots and Fruits of Population Growth and Social Structures: Demographic and Sociological Vistas (Jon Anson).- Part 1: Demography  and Social Structure.- Chapter 2. The Demographic Transition in the Nasa Indigenous People and Black Populations of Northern Cauca (Colombia) (Fernando Urrea-Giraldo).- Chapter 3. Intermarriage and Assimilation Among Arabs in the United States: Estimates, Causes, and Trends, 1990-2010 (Andrzej Kulczycki).- Chapter 4. Occupational Classes of Immigrants and their descendants in East-Germany (Oliver Winkler).- Chapter 5. Violence, Firearms and Life Expectancy In Mexico (Guillermo Julián González-Pérez).- Part 2: Population Structure.- Chapter 6. Sex ratios in old age: Comparing Countries in Middle Eastern Asia to East and Southeast Asia (Sehar Ezdi).- Chapter 7. From ageing-driven growth towards the ending of growth: Subnational population trends in New Zealand (Natalie Jackson).- Chapter 8. Natural Decrease in Semi-Peripheral Nations: County-Level Analyses of Mexico and Turkey (Guadalupe Marquez-Velarde).- Chapter 9. From Topic to Problem: Organisational Mechanisms of constructing demographic change (Sven Kette).- Part 3: Social Policy.- Chapter 10. Minorities in Spanish Secondary Education: School Segregation, Between Reality and Official Statistics (Brahim El-Habib Draoui).- Chapter 11. Small School Closures in Rural Areas - the Beginning or the End of a Downward Spiral? Some evidence from Austria (Sigrid Kroismayr).- Chapter 12. Maternal outcomes in the context of free maternal healthcare provisioning in North Central and Southwestern Nigeria (Anthony Ajayi).- Chapter 13. The Association between Household and Community Single Motherhood and Adolescent Pregnancy in South Africa (Sibusiso Mkwananzi).- Chapter 14. Tobacco use among men in sub-Saharan Africa: Does family structure matter? (Favour L.C. Ntoimo).


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Autor: Andrzej Kulczycki, Jon Anson, Walter Bartl


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