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Contextualizing Childhoods: Growing Up in Europe and North America

Contextualizing Childhoods: Growing Up in Europe and North America
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1. Introduction; Sam Frankel and Sally McNamee.- 2. Childhood Agonistes: The Liminal Horizons of Late Modern Childhood; Alan Pomfret.- 3. After the Century of the Child: Swedish Education and the Transformation of the Role of the Child; Peter Lilja and Despina Tzimoula.- 4. Pencil Box Journey: Old Colony Mennonite children, education, and schooling; Wendy Crocker.- 5. Contexts of Twinship: Discourses and Generation; Kate Bacon.- 6.The Art of Belonging; Sam Frankel.- 7. Reflections on global citizenship narratives in Canadian higher education through international experiential/service learning: Moving toward new practices for youth and global poverty engagement; Allyson Larkin.- 8. Children and Death in the Canadian Context; Eunice Gorman.- 9. Lives lost, voices unheard: Examining the importance of youth-led research amidst one community's adult-centred responses to youth suicides; Tara Bruno.- 10. Britain, Brexit and Belonging: Concluding thoughts; Sally McNamee and Sam Frankel.


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Autor: Sally McNamee, Sam Frankel


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