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Dance and the Quality of Life

Dance and the Quality of Life
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FOREWORD; TBA.- PREFACE; Karen E. Bond.- INTRODUCTION; Karen E. Bond.- NATURE.- "I'm not an eagle, I'm a chicken!" Constructions of Animal-Selfing in Childhood Dance; Karen E. Bond.- How Seudati Put Me in Touch with Birds; Sally M. Gardner.- Canyon Consciousness; Sondra Fraleigh.- Dance and Meaning in the Anthropocene; Robert Bingham.- Give Life a Dance: A Bio-Cultural Manifesto; Ellen Dissanayake.- RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY.- Dancing Aliveness; Maxine Sheets-Johnstone.- Earth Bound: Revisiting Evolutionary Theories on Dance and Religion; Kimerer L. LaMothe.- Dance, Christianity and Quality of Life; Jessica Van Oort.- Decision Making/Choice/Power/Responsibility: A Choreographic Perspective; Simon K. Ellis.- Drawing and Dancing: Exbodying the Unknowable; Molly Shanahan.- Beauty in Disability: An Aesthetics for Dance and Quality of Life; Aili Bresnahan.- DANCING THE LIFE SPAN.- Dance and Quality in Young Children's Lives: A Perspective from Aotearoa; Adrienne Sansom.- "Daddy, root me in!" Aesthetic Community Building in a Male, Inter-generational, Child-Centered, Dance Education Project; Byron Richard.- Fathers and sons: Dancing Encouters-Stories of Love and Longing; Isto Turpeinen.- Teenage Dancers' Perceptions of Identity in Three Community Engagement Settings; Miriam Giguere.- Stories from a Dancing Life; Teresa Benzwie.- 60+ Shades of Grey: Acculturation, Ambiguity and Dancing Elders in Northern Australia; Nicholas Rowe, David McMicken and Tim Newth.- LEARNING, TEACHING.- Dance, Embodied Learning and Quality of Life in Nordic Schools; Eeva Anttila and Charlotte Svendler Nielsen.- Making Meaning Through Somatic Dance Education: An Interactive Cognitive Subsystems (ICS) Perspective; Janet Rebecca Weber.- Teaching Dance in Higher Education: Valuing the Highs and the Lows; Alba Pedreira Vieira.- Dance Teacher Education: Turning to Creativity.- ABILITY, HEALTH, WELL-BEING.- Dance and Quality of Life in Indigenous Cultures in Australasia; Kim Dunphy and Vicki Ware.- Dance in Community Health Nursing for Women with Post-Partum Depression; Uzo Nwankpa.- Assessing Quality of Life in Community Dancers with Parkinson's.- Life-Changing Meetings in Disability-Inclusive Dance; Tone Pernille Østern, Philip Channells and Tone Pernille and Elen Østern.- Dance Economies of Difference; TBA.- IDENTITY, rESTORATION, TRANSFORMATION.- Brothers of the 'Bah Yah': Perceptions of Maleness in the Umfundalai Tradition of African Dance; C. Kemal Nance.- West African Dance: Restoring the Transmission of Cultural Knowledge in the United States; Ojeya Cruz Banks and Adama Jewel.- Dance and Human Dignity in Post-Apartheid South Africa; Marelize Marx.- Smart Phones: A Ghanaian Village and Traditional Dance; Kariamu Welsh.- Finding your Feet: Hip Hop Dance Participation amongst Migrant and Refugee Youth Arriving to Live in Australia; Jacinda Richards and Sally Gardner.- Dancing it Out: Building Positive Peace.


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