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Identities, Youth and Belonging: International Perspectives

Identities, Youth and Belonging: International Perspectives
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1. Youth Negotiating Belonging in a Global World; Sadia Habib and Michael R. M. Ward.- 2. Growing Up in 'The Ends': Identity, Place and Belonging in an Urban East London Neighbourhood; Joy White.- 3. Young Indonesian Musicians, Upward Career Mobility and Feeling at Home; Oki Rahadianto Sutopo.- 4. Religion and (Re)negotiation of Belonging among Zimbabwean Migrant Youths in South Africa; Charles Dube.- 5. Being Kurdish at a Turkish University Campus: A Spatial Approach to Belonging; Baris Isci Pembeci.- 6. Transit and Transition: Student Identity and the Contested Landscape of Higher Education; Vicki Trowler.- 7. Using Bourdieu to Understand the Pathways to Belonging That Are Forged by Young Students of Refugee Experience in an Australian Mainstream School; Fiona Picton and Grant Banfield.- 8. Virtual Communities as Safe Spaces Created by Young Feminists: Identity, Mobility and Sense of Belonging; Raquel Miño-Puigcercós, Pablo Rivera-Vargas, and Cristóbal Cobo Romaní.- 9. Exploring the Potential for Community Where Diverse Individuals Belong; Kate J. Cassidy.- 10.  (Un)Belonging in Higher Education: Negotiating Working-Class Masculinities Within and Beyond the University Campus Michael R. M. Ward.- 11. Portraits of Place: Critical Pedagogy in the Classroom; Sadia Habib.- 12. Conclusion: Young People Negotiating Belonging in Changing Times; Sadia Habib and Michael R. M. Ward.


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Autor: Michael R. M. Ward, Sadia Habib


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