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Women's Manga in Asia and Beyond: Uniting Different Cultures and Identities

Women's Manga in Asia and Beyond: Uniting Different Cultures and Identities
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Section I. Rethinking Women, Queering Asia

1. Japanese Homoerotic Manga in Taiwan: Same-Sex Love and Utopian Imagination - Fran Martin

2. Hailing the Subject: Visual Progression and Queer Reading in Nananan's Blue - Monica Chiu

3. Queering Democracy Activism and Online Obscenities: Hong Kong Women's Boys' Love Protest - Katrien Jacob

4. Pleasurable Interplay in the 2.5-Dimensional World: Women's Cosplay Performances in Singapore and the Philippines - Akiko Shimada-Sugawa

5. Fundanshi ("Rotten Boys") in Asia: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Male Readings of BL and Concepts of Masculinity - Kazumi Kagaike

6. Writing Boys' Love Comics in the Philippines - Scott WuMing

Section II. Transnationalization/Globalization in Women and Sh jo Manga

7. How Women's Manga Has Performed the Image of ASIAs, Globally and Locally - Fusami Ogi

8. Saving the World with Tiny Little Boxes - Ace Vitangcol

9. Environmental and Cultural Influences on an Artist - FSc

10. Recentering Australia in the Sh jo Imagination - Rebecca Suter

11. Manga in Australia - Madeleine Rosca

12. Manga and Shakespeare - Yukari Yoshihara

13. Yoko Tsuno and Franco-Belgian Girl Readers of Bande Dessinée - Jessica Bauwens

14. Matsumoto Katsuji: Modern Tomboys and Early Sh jo Manga - Ryan Holmberg

Section III. Asian Women Comics Artists and Their Careers

15. Chinese Women Cartoonists: A Brief, Generational Perspective - John A. Lent and Xu Ying

16. Reading the Fifty Years of Popularity of Theresa Lee Wai-chun and Her Comic, 13-Dot Cartoon: Changing Identities of Women in Hong Kong - Wendy Siuyi Wong

17. A Conversation with Theresa Lee, the Creator of Miss 13 Dogs - Theresa Lee Wai-chun (interviewed by Connie Lam of HK Arts Centre)

18. Witness to a Transition: The Manga of Kyoko Okazaki and the Feminine Self in the Shift toward "Flat Culture" in Japanese Consumer Society - Takeshi Hamano

19. Reviving the Power of Storytelling: Post-3/11 Online 'Amateur' Manga - Shige (CJ) Suzuki

20. Comics-Prose: Evolving Manga in the 21st Century - Queenie Chan

21. Manga in Hong Kong - Stella So


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Autor: Fusami Ogi, John A. Lent, Kazumi Nagaike, Rebecca Suter


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