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Mental Health in Prisons: Critical Perspectives on Treatment and Confinement

Mental Health in Prisons: Critical Perspectives on Treatment and Confinement
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Chapter 1. Introduction.- PART 1. Penal Power and the Psy Disciplines : Contextualising Mental Health and Imprisonment.- Chapter 2. 'We Are Recreating Bedlam': A History of Mental Illness and Prison Systems in England and Ireland; Catherine Cox and Hilary Marland.- Chapter 3. The Architecture of Psychiatry and the Architecture of Incarceration; Simon Cross and Yvonne Jewkes.- Chapter 4. Psychological Jurisprudence and the Relational Problems of De-vitalization and Finalization: Revisiting the Society of Captives Thesis; Bruce A. Arrigo and Brian G. Sellers.- PART 2. Care versus Custody.- Chapter 5. Care versus Custody: Challenges in the Provision of Prison Mental Healthcare; Alice Mills and Kathleen Kendall.- Chapter 6. How do New Psychoactive Substances Affect the Mental Health of Prisoners?; Hattie Moyes.- Chapter 7. 'There was no understanding, there was no care, there was no looking after me': The impact of the prison environment on the mental health of female prisoners; Anastasia Jablonska and Rosie Meek.- PART 3. Dividing Practices: Structural Violence, Mental health and Imprisonment.- Chapter 8. Institutions of Default and Management: Aboriginal Women with Mental and Cognitive Disability in Prison; Ruth McCausland, Elizabeth McEntyre and Eileen Baldry.- Chapter 9. Culture, Mental Illness, and Prison: A New Zealand Perspective; James Cavney and Susan Hatters Friedman.- Chapter10. 'Malignant Reality': Mental Ill-Health and Self-Inflicted Deaths in England and Wales; Joe Sim.- Chapter 11. Institutional Captives: US Women Trapped in the Medical / Correctional / Welfare Circuit; Maureen Norton-Hawk and Susan Sered.- Chapter 12. Queer and Trans Incarceration Distress: Considerations from a Mad Queer Abolitionist Perspective; Andrea Daley and Kim Radford.- PART 3. Alternative Penal Practices and Communities.- Chapter 13. A Sense of Belonging: The Walls to Bridges Educational Program as a Healing Space; Shoshana Pollack and Denise Edwards.- Chapter 14. Coping with incarceration: The emerging case for the utility of peer-support programs in prison; Christian Perrin.- Chapter 15. Conclusion; Kathleen Kendall and Alice Mills.


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