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Human Rights and Incarceration: Critical Explorations

Human Rights and Incarceration: Critical Explorations
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Chapter 1. Human Rights and Incarceration; Elizabeth Stanley.- Chapter 2. Children Deprived of their Liberty on 'Welfare' Grounds: A Critical Perspective; Deena Haydon.- Chapter 3. Rights of Persons with Disability not to be Criminalised; Eileen Baldry.- Chapter 4. Challenging Maori Imprisonment and Human Rights Ritualism; Elizabeth Stanley and Riki Mihaere.- Chapter 5. Immigration Detention and the Limits of Human Rights; Michael Grewcock.- Chapter 6. Haunted by the Presence of Death: Prisons, Abolitionism and the Right to Life; David Scott.- Chapter 7. Human Rights for 'Hard Cases': Alternatives to Imprisonment for Serious Offending by Children and Youth; Nessa Lynch.- Chapter 8. Entrenching Women's Imprisonment: An Anti-Carceral Critique of Rights Based Advocacy and Reform; Bree Carlton and Emma K. Russell.- Chapter 9. From Conflict to 'Peace': The Persistent Impact of Human Rights Violations in Northern Ireland's Prisons; Phil Scraton.- Chapter 10. Reconceptualising Custody: Rights, Responsibilities and 'Imagined Communities'; Margaret S. Malloch.- Chapter 11. 'Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make': Bare Life and the Carceral Archipelago in Colonial and Postcolonial Societies; Harry Blagg and Thalia Anthony.- Chapter 12. Indigenous Rights, Poetry and Decarceration; Tracey McIntosh.


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