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Transformation of Civil Justice: Unity and Diversity

Transformation of Civil Justice: Unity and Diversity
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Chapter 1. The Metamorphoses of Civil Justice and Civil Procedure: The Challenges of New Paradigms - Unity and Diversity.- Part I: Impact of Regional and Global Developments: Cooperation, Borrowing, Transplants ....- Chapter 2. Enforcement by Means of Periodic Penalties (Astreinte) in Slovenia: A Transplant Gone Wild.- Chapter 3. Norwegian Civil Procedure under the Influence of EU Law.- Chapter 4. Judicial Cooperation of the EU in Civil Matters in Its Relations with non-EU States - A Blind Spot?.- Chapter 5. Civil Litigation in Tribunals in South Africa: Creating a Unified Tribunal System.- Part II: Unity and Diversity: Civil Justice Between Modernization and Dejudicialization.- Chapter 6. Informatization of the Civil Justice System in Poland: An Overview of Recent Changes.- Chapter 7. Between Reform and Dejudicialization: Current Trends in Spanish Civil Litigation.- Chapter 8. The Disappearing Trial: Retrenchment of Litigation in North America.- Chapter 9. Private Justice in the Domain of Family Law: The Place of Family Group Conferences within the Range of ADR Methods.- Chapter 10. Reassessing the Essential Role of Public Courts: Learning from the American Experience.- Part III: Global Trends: From Individual to Collective Justice.- Chapter 11. Human Rights Class Actions.- Chapter 12. A New Model of Civil Litigation in Slovenia: Is the Slovenian Judiciary Prepared for the Challenges Presented by the New Law on Collective Actions?.- Chapter 13. A Glance at the Brazilian Collective Redress System.- Chapter 14. 'Shadow of the Law' or 'Shadow of the Settlement': Experiences with the Dutch Act on Collective Settlement of Mass Damage (WCAM).- Part IV: Access to Justice and Fair Trial Rights.- Chapter 15. Transformation of the Croatian Legal Aid System: From Normative to Functional Insufficiency.- Chapter 16. The Transformation of Consumer Law in Times of Crisis: The Ex Officio Control of Unfair Contract Terms.- Chapter 17. Safeguarding the Right to an Impartial Tribunal by Means of Challenging the Judge.- Part V: Transforming the Apex of the Court Pyramid: The Changing Function of the Highest Courts.- Chapter 18. Roots of the Resistance to the Change in the Supreme Court's Role.- Chapter 19. Transformation of the Cassation Model in France, the Netherlands and Belgium: Piercing the Legalistic Veil.- Part VI: Historical Transformations.- Chapter 20. Does the New Always Prevail? Parallel Modes of Procedure in the History of Procedural Transformations.- Chapter 21. Historical Uniformity and Diversity of Notaries in the Shadow of their Modern Transformation.


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Autor: Alan Uzelac, Cornelis Hendrik Remco van Rhee


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