Kava: Decision in Paradise: "Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making"

Kava: Decision in Paradise: "Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making"
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Essay from the year 2008 in the subject Business economics - Operations Research, grade: 97.00, University of Phoenix, course: Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making, language: English, abstract: X-Battery Company, a supplier for General Motors in their search for alternative battery source such as hydrogen or large voltage rechargeable batteries for new electric vehicles is seeking to expand. One of the areas the company is seeking to expand and discussing exploring an opportunity to expand into facilities on Kava, a small significant island in the South Pacific. Many obstacles lay in the way of expanding into Kava by the X-Battery Company. However, X-Battery's owner, Chris Morales is dedicated and determined to expand into Kava. Mr. Morales understands and realizes that a flourishing world or globalized economy is beneficial for everyone. Mr. Morales accepts the statement "Globalization means corporate leaders and investors must consider more than their organization's moral standards. To maintain reputation, they must look to the heart of their supply chains" (Kennedy-Glans, 2005, p.24, 1). Before making a final decision to enter Kava, I have been asked to evaluate several factors that will decide the issue of expanding into Kava. Using a three step process of identifying the problem, defining criteria, goals, and objectives, and evaluating the effects of the problem, I will evaluate three concerns: organizational processes, human resources, and ethics which will allow me to present an accurate and persuasive case.


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