Employee training and development

Employee training and development
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Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: A, University of Canberra, language: English, abstract: Of late, there has been a debate in HRM managers to succeed there has to shift from control to commitment, and that training and development of employees creates commitment, some experts agree while others are cynical about this. However, it is clear that training and developing of employees are very crucial for operation and advancements of an organization in relation to the perspective of a company. According to the views made by employees, such factors are both very important for an organization, for development of skills and advancements to be mad in a career. Retaining employees and retaining the value of their skills set are very crucial for business achievements (Burden and Proctor, 2000). According to Cappelli (2000) retaining committed employees successfully leads to knowledge conservation and preservation in an organization. No employee can be retained in a company that he/she is not committed to. Thus, we argue that yes indeed training and development of employees leads to commitment.
Creating commitment using training
While organization commitment towards training of its staff positively impact retention as well results to desirable outcomes, Walton (1985) points out that there are various classes and kinds of training that an organization can offer to its employees. According to Walton (1985) asserts that in order to create positive results whereby the employees commitment would be enhanced, they say that the organization has to be committed to the training it is offering to its employees. At the same time the organization has to have effective and proper training methods that will be used to deliver the training.


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