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Business Governance and Society: Analyzing Shifts, Conflicts, and Challenges

Business Governance and Society: Analyzing Shifts, Conflicts, and Challenges
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1 Shifts in Business-Politics Paradigms: Exploring Lessons and Future Growth Part I Business Governance and Society: India
2 Trends in Agricultural Production and Productivity Growth in India: Challenges to Sustainability 3 Unraveling the Power of Talent Analytics: Implications for Enhancing Business Performance 4 The Impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practices on Customer Satisfaction 5 Customer Expectations at the Urban Bottom of Pyramid in India: A Grounded Theory Approach 6 A Qualitative Study on Work-Family Conflict, Social Support and Response Mechanisms of Individuals Working in Multi-National Corporations 7 Does Corporate Governance Affect the Financial Performance and Quality of Financial Reporting of Companies? A Study on Selected Indian Companies 8 Factors Impacting Purchase of Private Labels in India
9 Drifts in Banking Business and Deepening Losses Amidst the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 10 Impact of Demographic Variables on the Attitude Towards Violence and Cooperation with Police: A Study of Extremist Affected Areas in Odisha, India 11 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: A Comparative Study of Male and Female Bank Employees in the Public Sector 12 Role of Leadership Style on Corporate Entrepreneurship and Firm Innovativeness: Learnings from Start-ups in Emerging Markets 13 Analysis of Factors of Advantages and Disadvantages in the Business Scenario of Northeast India: The Entrepreneur's Perspective Part II Business Governance and Society: Mexico
14 Relationship between Employee Mobility and Organizational Creativity to Improve Organizational Performance: A Strategic Analysis 15 Persuasion and Dissuasion via Social Networking Sites: The Influence of Word-of-Mouth on Consumer Activism 16 Relationship between Exports and the BRICS Countries' Gross Domestic Product: A Bayesian Vector Autoregression Approach for the Period 1978-2016 17 Consumer Behavior on Social Media: A Thematic Exploration and an Agenda for Future Inquiry 18 Diffusion of Reverse Innovations across Markets: An Agent-Based Model 19 Relationship Lending and Entrepreneurial Behavior: Analyzing Empirical Evidences Part III Business Governance and Society: Nepal
20 The Impact of Corporate Governance on Efficiency of Nepalese Commercial Banks 21 Impact of Corporate Governance on Dividend Policy of Nepalese Enterprises 22 Impact of Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance on Capital Structure of Nepalese Listed Companies 23 Effect of Board Diversity and Corporate Governance Structure on Operating Performance: Evidence from the Nepalese Enterprises


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