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Advances and Impacts of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving: The TRIZ Methodology, Tools and Cas

Advances and Impacts of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving: The TRIZ Methodology, Tools and Cas
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Digital Learning Design: From Ideation via TRIZ to Implementation.- Experimental Validation of Quantum-Economic Analysis (QEA) as a Screening Tool for New Product Development.- Can Altshuller's Matrix be Skipped Using CBR and Semantic Similarity Reasoning?.- A Critical Comparison of Two Creativity Methods for Fostering Participatory Innovation: Implications to Improve TRIZ.- Problem Formulation of Screw Feeding System of Fibrous Materials Using TRIZ.- Quantifying and Leading Innovation with TRIZ Within Competitiveness Strategies.- TRIZ to Support Disruptive Innovation of Shared Bikes in China.- From Simulation to Contradictions, Different Ways to Formulate Innovation Directions.- How Problems Are Solved in TRIZ Literature: The Need for Alternative Techniques to Individuate the Most Suitable Inventive Principles.- TRIZ to Support Creation of Innovative Shared Value Business Initiatives.- Mobile Biogas Station Design - the TRIZ Approach.- Cause-Effect Chains Analysis Using Boolean Algebra.- A Praxiological Model of Creative Actions in the Field of Mechanical Engineering.- A Long-Term Strategy to Spread TRIZ in SMEs. Analysis of Bergamo's Experience.- Lessons for TRIZ from Design Thinking & Lean 3P.- TRIZ Potential for IT Projects.- TRIZ/CrePS Approach to the Social Problems of Poverty: 'Liberty vs. Love' Is Found the Principal Contradiction of the Human Culture.- Product Development Using Heuristic-Systematic Approach: A Case Study.- TRIZ Based Problem Solving of Tile Manufacturing System.- TRIZ-Based Approach for Process Intensification and Problem Solving in Process Engineering: Concepts and Research Agenda.- Problem Definition and Identification of Contradictions in the Interdisciplinary Areas of Mechatronic Engineering.


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