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Co-Creation: Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics

Co-Creation: Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics
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Co-creation in the Era of Bottom-up Economics.- Collaborative Value Creation: How to Co-create Value with Users. A Case Study on Local Motors' Contest Community.- Using Open Production Sites for Supporting New Ways of Corporate Innovation.- Distributed Manufacturing: Make Things Where You Need Them.- Co-Creation of Value Proposition - Stakeholders Co-creating Value Propositions of Goods and Services.- Blockchain-enabled Open Business Models: New Means to Shared Value Capturing?.- How to Take Advantage of Online Platforms like the Sharing Economy Does.- The F.A.I.R. Model of Cooperation - How Managers Can Co-create Value Within Innovation Networks.- Open Source Ecosystems: Coordination, Loyalty and Competitive Advantage: What We Can Learn from Open Source.- Understanding Open Source Software Communities.- Harnessing the Synergy Potential of Open Source Hardware Communities.- Open Source Medical Devices for Innovation, Education and Global Health: Case Study of Open Source Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Legal Challenges of Co-creation: Patent Law in the Era of 3D Printing - The Practitioner's Perspective.- Navigating Patents in an Open Hardware Environment.- Managing Content in a Platform Economy: Copyright-based Approaches to User-Generated-Content.- Overcoming Concerns in Collaborative Transactions.


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Autor: Jens P. Wulfsberg, Manuel Moritz, Tobias Redlich


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