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Strategic Employee Communication: Building a Culture of Engagement

Strategic Employee Communication: Building a Culture of Engagement
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Part 1: Organizational Culture

Chapter 1. The incoherence of a solid organizational culture for liquid employees, by

Thatiana Cappellano

Chapter 2. Bodymedia theory: a value proposition for organizational culture, by Simone

Ribeiro de Oliveira Bambini

Chapter 3. Organizational ethics: the challenges faced by communication and culture to

change behaviours, by Ágatha Camargo Paraventi

Chapter 4. Leadership communications with an appreciative approach in

a participative culture: the case of Nutrimental, by William Antonio Cerantola

Chapter 5. WhatsApp and the mediatization of informal communication

in organizations, by Bruno Carramenha, Thatiana Cappellano & Viviane Mansi

Chapter 6. Diversity Management: an overlook on Brazil's largest companies, by Bruno

Carramenha & Thatiana Cappellano

Chapter 7. Behind every engagement there is always a good story, by Bruna Bezerra Lima

Chapter 8. Employer branding, employee value proposition and employee experience: New approaches for people management in organizations, by Bruna Gomes Mascarenhas


Part 2: Leadership and Engagement

Chapter 9. Internal Communications Flourishes at the Grassroots: The

Growing Importance of Managers in Employee Engagement, by Gail S.


Chapter 10. Work, motivation and Monday mornings, by André Caldeira

Chapter 11. Building trust from the inside out: employees and their power of influence, by Daniela Sandrini Bittencourt Ferreira

Chapter 12. Leadership communications, dialogue and communications areas: new paths for employee communications, by Viviane Regina Mansi

Chapter 13. Social Team Building as a practice of corporate values to achieve engagement, by Silvana Nader

Chapter 14. Humanized employee communications: the possible contributions of public

relations in the BIOFAST Group experience, by Solange Moura


Part 3: Planning and Measurement

Chapter 15. Employee Communications Management: the Role of Planning and

Communication Channels, by Bruno Carramenha

Chapter 16. The maturity matrix for employee communications: paving the way for a new model of organizational communications, by Cynthia Sganzerla Provedel

Chapter 17. Planning and Measurement: Propositions for the Strategic Work of Employee Communications, by Andréa Guardabassi & Gisele Lorenzetti

Chapter 18. Communications measurement as a key-factor for organizational strategy

success, by Lívia Guadaim

Chapter 19. On the Imperative of Planning Employee Communications: Theoretical

Considerations and the Case Study of Vale, by Paulo Henrique Soares & Rozália Del Gáudio

Chapter 20. Simplification to drive relevance: GE's moment of 'letting go,' by Danielle

Abade Brito

Chapter 21. Communications agencies in practice: reflections and stories

from working with clients in employee communications projects, by José

Luís Ovando


Part 4: Channels and Campaigns

Chapter 22. On employee communications channels and campaigns, by Marina Gerardi

Chapter 23. Corporate mobile communication: challenges and reflections in an environment of connected employees, by Renato Martinelli

Chapter 24. An employee communications strategy to support the launch of a new business strategy, by Javier Marín

Chapter 25. Rituals and the leaderships: cases of strategic use of communication campaigns for the employees, by Bruno Chaves 


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Autor: Bruno Carramenha, Gail S. Thornton, Thatiana Cappellano, Viviane Regina Mansi


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