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Swedish Innovation: The secrets to successful disruptive and sustaining innovation

Swedish Innovation: The secrets to successful disruptive and sustaining innovation
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Sandra Bourbon, who among other things has been named one of Sweden's most powerful figures in sustainability, has interviewed ten of Sweden's top innovators. The results of these interviews are presented in this book. The book highlights Sweden as a pioneering country when it comes to innovation. What does it really take to succeed in innovation? Which pitfalls should be avoided? What is the difference between disruptive and sustaining innovation? Answers to these questions can be found in the book.The ten people that Sandra Bourbon has interviewed are:Sofia Appelgren, founder and board member, Mitt LivJohan Arntyr, head of product development, KeolisHenrik Berndtson, CEO, Blixten & Co/All Things Live SwedenJoakim Cerwall, head of research and innovation, Traton GroupPernilla Dahlman, CEO of the Year 2015, entrepreneur, leader and advisorMedea S. Ekner, museum specialist and president, ICOM SwedenPelle Jakobsson, CIO, entrepreneur and digital generalistJessica Nordlander, Sweden's Most Innovative Leader, COO, ThoughtexhangePetra Sundström, PhD, VP and head of digital offering, Sandvik Rock Processing SolutionsAnne Årneby, CEO, Nordic Morning Group"Swedish Innovation" contains over 100 inspiring and encouraging quotes from Sweden's leading top innovators. Innovators highlight the importance of diversity in the team as an important success factor. Some of the top innovators' very best tips for creating a successful innovation culture are: dare to take risks, be brave and never stop learning


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Autor: Sandra Bourbon


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