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At the Edge of Life: and Other Stories

At the Edge of Life: and Other Stories
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Time for a writer - at least for me - has no direction, except the way I look at life and those who miraculously feel it. Space for me is where nature shows its marvel and guides us to engage with it. Therefore, the sequence of the fifteen stories contained in this collection does not follow the direction of time familiar to us; past towards future. Nor it follows location of places: south to north. But it has though a hidden thread the reader can detect if she, or he, positioned herself, or himself, at the edge of life. At that edge, Man forgets certain time and specific place, and gets a glimpse of the eternal world inside himself. Or, that is at least what I hoped for.


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Gewicht: 230 g
Höhe: 191
Länge: 14
Seiten: 128
Sprachen: Englisch
Autor: Essa Bayoumi


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