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Sculpture, Sexuality and History: Encounters in Literature, Culture and the Arts from the Eighteenth

Sculpture, Sexuality and History: Encounters in Literature, Culture and the Arts from the Eighteenth
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1. Introduction: Sculpture, Sexuality and History; Jana Funke and Jen Grove.- PART I: The Desire for the Living Statue and the Desire for the Past.- 2. Antiquarian Pygmalions: The Female Body, Ancient Statuary and the Idea of Imaginary Transport in the Eighteenth Century; Katharina Boehm.- 3. Longing for the Past: Eichendorff's Marmorbild, Historical Experience, And the Sexuality Of The Masterpieces Room; Elsje van Kessel.- 4. Women, or Wax? Eros, Thanatos and Sculpture in Cinema; Vito Adriaensens.- PART II: Sculptural Decency: Reception, Censorship and Liberation.- 5. The Indecent Body of Sculpture: Theodor Storm's Realist Psyche; Catriona MacLeod.- 6. 'A Token of Triumph Cut Down to Size': Jacob Epstein's Rock Drill as Fetish Object; Bernard Vere.- 7. Ethics and Erotics: Receptions of an Ancient Statue of a Nymph and Satyr; Victoria Donnellan.- PART III: Queer Possibilities of Statuary.- 8. 'Firm Outlines and Hard Muscles Immortalised': Ancient Statuary and EP Warren's 'Uranian Ideal'; Jen Grove.- 9. Encountering the Niobe's Children: Vernon Lee's Queer Formalism, Empathy and the Ethics of Sculpture; Francesco Ventrella.- 10. The Queer Materiality of History: H.D., Freud and the Bronze Athena; Jana Funke.- 11. 'Britain's Most Romantic Museum' or a 'Temple of Lust'?: Statuary, Lesbian Spectatorship and the V&A; Amy Mechowski.- Index


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