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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Forensic Archaeology: Topics discussed during the European Meetings

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Forensic Archaeology: Topics discussed during the European Meetings
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Preface; Pier Matteo Barone and Mike Groen
Chapter 01: Introduction: Forensic Archaeology: Combining Archaeology with Criminalistics and Criminology; Mike Groen
Part I: Forensic Archaeology and NDTs
Chapter 02: Forensic archaeological remote sensing and geospatial analysis; Alastair Vannan
Chapter 03: Geophysics and Archaeology at crime scenes; Pier Matteo Barone
Chapter 04: Forensic Geophysics and the Search of Building Interiors, Peat Bogs, and Freshwater; Alastair Ruffell and Laurance Donnelly
Part II: Forensic Archaeology and Human Remains
Chapter 05: The increasing role of the forensic anthropologist in the search for the missing; Nicholas Marquez Grant
Chapter 06: Forensic archaeology: State-of-the-art archeological technology in France and other latest developments. A case study in Toulouse region (South West of France); Patrice Georges, Christelle Buton, and Éric Crépin
Chapter 07: Actualistic experimental taphonomy of inhumation burial; Hayley Mickleburgh
Chapter 08: The use of 3-dimensional scanning and surface capture methods in recording forensic taphonomic traces: issues of technology, visualisation, and validation; Patrick S. Randolph-Quinney
Chapter 09: Human remains in marine environments: Challenges and Future developments; Agathe Ribéreau-Gayon, Carolyn Rando, and Ruth M. Morgan
Chapter 10: Interrogating the ground - an archaeologist at a crime scene; Tomasz Borkowski and Maciej Trzcinski
Chapter 11: Forensic Archaeology in Denmark - A Work in Progress; Lars Krants
Chapter 12: Recent recruitment of forensic anthropologist and odontologist in Carabinieri scientific investigation: multi-disciplinary approach and scene investigation in case of hidden corpse; Chantal Milani and Carlo Belardo
Chapter 13: Forensic Archaeology in Russia: Past Developments and Future Approaches; Tatiana Shvedchikova
Chapter 14: Operation Nobility: The identification of a missing soldier from the Battle of Arnhem, 1944; Geert Jonker
Chapter 15: The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains in Ireland: A case study - the abduction, murder and secret burial of Victim B; Geoff C. Knupfer, D. Godfrey, and J. Hill
Part III: Forensic Archaeology and Antiquity Crimes
Chapter 16: Not just body and decomposition: Forensic Archaeology preventing Antiquities Crimes; Pier Matteo Barone
Chapter 17: Problems of Archaeological Heritage Protection-The Background of Crime Against Monuments and Works of Art; Maciej Trzcinski
Chapter 18; Preventing Art and Antiquities Crimes using Forensic Geology; Rosa Maria Di Maggio


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Autor: Pier Matteo Barone, W. J. Mike Groen


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