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Making Cities Resilient

Making Cities Resilient
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Perspective of Resilient Cities: Introduction and Overview.- Smart Cities: Milestone of New Era.- The Status of Research on Smart Cities: A Review.- Prospect of Faridabad as a Smart City: A Review.- Planning for Healthy and Sustainable Urbanization: A Case Study of NCT, Delhi.- City Size and its Growth Rate: A Case Study of Kerala, India.- Level of Basic Infrastructure in the Slums: A case study of West Bengal from General to Specific.- Slum Resettlement to the Margins: Increasing Deprivation of the Poor and an Impediment to Resilience of the City.- Streets as Factors and Barriers for Cities Sustain Development.- Urban Resilience and Flash Floods: A Case Study of Chennai Metropolitan City.- Urban Resilience Planning a Way to Respond to Uncertainties: Current Approaches and Challenges.- Health Problems of Urban Elderly in Siwan, Bihar, India.- Social Resources Meeting the Health Services Requirement among Migrant Manual Workers in Patna.- Environment and Health Care Cost: Understanding the Wellbeing Level of Delhi.- A Study of Urban Landscape Characteristics of Bhopal City (India) in Geospatial Environment.- Impact Assessment Motives of Eco2 Sustainable Cities.- Role of Eco-Friendly Materials in Construction for Making Cities Smart.- Identification of Social Norms in Conservation/Utilization of Biodiversity in Aligarh District, India.- Managing the Risk of Environmental Calamity by Effective Implementation of Disaster Management: Critical Analysis of Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) Tragedy 2013.- The Rapid Growth of Japanese Regional Capitals after the 1950s and a New Direction for the Sustainability of their Vitality.- Towards New Paradigm of Smart India: A Case of Amaravati City on India's Singapore in Making.- An Evaluation of Sustainable Tourism in the Developing Countries of Asia through STM (Sustainable Tourism Measurement) Model: A Comparison of India, Malaysia and Thailand.- Ayodhya: A Study of Urban Governance and Heritage Inclusive Development.- Summary and Concluding Remarks


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