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Sustainable Design and Construction for Geomaterials and Geostructures: Proceedings of the 5th GeoCh

Sustainable Design and Construction for Geomaterials and Geostructures: Proceedings of the 5th GeoCh
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1.Effect of pre-deformation by cyclic loadings on seepage flow-induced failure of volcanic embankments

2.In-situ determination of void ratio and compactness in saturated soils using a partially automated measuring system based on microwaves

3.Rapid compression test of cement-treated sands

4.DEM analysis of arching in piled-supported embankment of high-speed railway

5.Comparative Study between Mathematical Models for Prediction of Strength Properties of Rocks in United Arab Emirates

6.Yield criterion and simulation validation for different deformation modes of layered rock mass based on transversely isotropic theory

7.Experimental Study on the Seepage Feature of Natural Loess Joint

8.Numerical investigation of time-dependent creep in rock based on numerical manifold method

9.Numerical Seepage Model for Joint Type Loess

10.Effect of Waveform Mircopile on Foundation underpinning During Building Remodeling with Vertical Extension

11.Influence of adjacent substructures on deformation behavior and lateral earth pressure development of flexible retaining walls

12.Assessment of Soil Plasticity Effects on Seismic Response of Mid-Rise Buildings Resting on End-Bearing Pile Foundations

13.Remote measurements and vibration analyses of existing wind turbines

14.Parametric Selection for the Seismic Numerical Simulation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Slope

15.Uncertainties in a Nuclear-Air-Blast Induced Ground Displacement Model

16.Development of Mobile Application to Assess and Enhance Earthquake Preparedness Level of Individuals and Community in India

17.On optimal reinforcement layout for underground openings

18.Comparison between various multiple linear regression model for prediction of TBM performance

19.The effect of degree of fouling of coal dust on railway foundation stability.

20.Explicit Analysis for the Ground Response Behavior due to the Advancing Excavation of Tunnel in Anisotropy Stress Field

21.Comprehensive Optimization of Support System for Conventional Tunnelling

22.Risk Assessment On Ground Uplift And Pressure Control During Grouting Against Running Water

23.Impacts of Nanotechnology Adoption on Sustainable Construction


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Autor: Aron Mwanza, Behzad Fatahi, Dave T.T. Chang


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