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New Developments in Materials for Infrastructure Sustainability and the Contemporary Issues in Geo-e

New Developments in Materials for Infrastructure Sustainability and the Contemporary Issues in Geo-e
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1.Impact of Initial In-Situ Stress Field On Soil Response During Cavity Expansion Using Discrete Element Simulation 2.Equivalent FEM meshes from axisymmetric (AXID) to three (3D) dimensions applied to tunnels in clay 3.Earthquake-induced deformation of breakwater on liquefiable soil with and without remediation: case study of Iran LNG Port 4.Effect of the seismic vulnerability of water pipelines on the collapsible soils of the North of Chile 5.Experimental study on the dynamic response of saturated sandy soil with different clayey particle content and skeleton sand size 6.Model-scale study on the effect of cyclic loading on pile lateral bearing capacity at different directions 7.Evaluation of Concrete Bored Piles Behaviour in Saturated Loose and Dense Sand during the Static Load Testing 8.Experimental Investigations on uplift capacities of single and group of granular anchor piles 9.Generalized Solutions for Lateral Bearing Behavior of Large Diameter Monopile Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbine Considering Double Additional Moment Effects 10.Full-scale lateral load tests to determine load-displacement characteristics of driven piles in soft clay 11.An Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of Cohesionless Soil under Small Gravity Fields 12.Reasons for mid-span failure of pile supported bridges in case of subsurface liquefaction 13.Experimental study on Gas permeability of intact loess under applied load with constant stress ratio paths 14.Weathered Swelling Mudstone Landslide and Mitigation Measures in the Yanji Basin: A Case Study 15.SOIL IMPROVEMENT BY PVD IN AN HARBOR STORAGE AREA 16.Research of Geopolymer deal with the Strength of Soft Soil and Microstructure Test 17.Mechanical Properties of geopolymers cured in saline water 18.Water permeability reduction in THF hydrate-bearing sediments 19.Concept of a Geotechnical Solution to Address the Issues of Sea Water Intrusion in Ashtamudi Lake, Kerala 20.Importance of Indoor Environmental Quality Criteria to Occupants of Low Income Housing


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