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Advancements on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures: Proceedings of the 5th GeoChina International Con

Advancements on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures: Proceedings of the 5th GeoChina International Con
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1.The Use of Automated Flocculation Titrimetry and SARA Analysis to Predict the Performance of Bituminous Binders in Asphaltic Hot Mix and Bitumen Emulsions 2.Laboratory characterization of low temperature performance of high modulus asphalt concrete by beam bending test 3.Numerical Analysis at the Particulate Scale of Sand Erosion under Impinging Jet 4.Performance Studies of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation to Prevent the Erosion of Internally Unstable Granular Soils 5.On the determination of undrained shear strength of soft soils from vane test 6.Issues in Interpretation of Constant Rate of Strain Consolidation Test Data 7.Experimental Study on the Effects of Emulsion Wax Coating Agent (EWCA) about Isolation Performance of Cement Concrete Pavement's Transitional Layer 8.Evaluating the Settlement Problem in City of Jazan's Urban Roads: Pilot Study for King Faisal Road 9.Effect Of Using Sludge Waste Containing Calcium Carbonate On The Properties Of Asphalt And Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture 10.Mixture Design of Emulsified Asphalt Cold Recycled Mixture by Accurate Volume Method 11.Evaluation of Rutting and Cracking Resistance of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt Containing RAP 12.Assessment of flexible pavement by finite element method 13.Automated Acoustic Scanning of Concrete Bridge Decks and Delamination Identification


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