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Collected Papers: Volume 4: 1958-1979

Collected Papers: Volume 4: 1958-1979
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The sentential calculus with infinitely long expressions (with D. Scott).- Remarks on predicate logic with infinitely long expressions.- What is elementary geometry?.- On two properties of free algebras (with B. Jónsson).- Cylindric algebras (with L. Henkin).- On some problems involving inaccessible cardinals (with  P. Erdös).- Some problems and results relevant to the foundations of set theory.- From accessible to inaccessible cardinals. Results holding for all accessible cardinal numbers and the problem of their extension to inaccessible ones (with H. J. Keisler).- Refinement properties for relational structures (with C. C. Chang and B. Jónsson).- A simplified formalization of predicate logic with identity.- Metamathematical properties of some affine geometries (with L. W. Szczerba).- The completeness of elementary algebra and geometry.- Equational logic and equational theories of algebras.- An extended arithmetic of ordinal numbers (with J. Doner).- Truth and proof.- An interpolation theorem for irredundant bases of closure structures.- The elementary  theory of  well-ordering - A metamathematical study (with J. Doner and A. Mostowski).- Metamathematical discussion of some affine geometries (with L. W. Szczerba).- Abstracts.- Summaries of Talks Presented at the Summer Institute for Symbolic Logic, Cornell University,  1957.- Problems, Reviews, Contributions to Discussions.- Bibliography of Alfred Tarski by S. Givant.


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Autor: Alfred Tarski


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