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Recent Developments in Data Science and Intelligent Analysis of Information: Proceedings of the XVII

Recent Developments in Data Science and Intelligent Analysis of Information: Proceedings of the XVII
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Part I: Machine Learning: Novel Methods and Applications.- Use of Symmetric Kernels for Convolutional Neural Networks.- Neural Network User Authentication by Geometry of the Auricle.- Race from Pixels: Evolving Neural Network Controller for Vision-Based Car Driving.- Application of Neuro-Controller Models for Adaptive Control.- Forecasting of Forest Fires in Portugal Using Parallel Calculations and Machine Learning.- A New Non-Euclidean Proximal Method for Equilibrium Problems.- Part II: Data Analysis Using Fuzzy Mathematics, Soft Computing, Computing With Words.- Perceptual Computing Based Method for Assessing Functional State of Aviation Enterprise Employees.- Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Soft Computing for the Selection of Specialized IoT Platform.- How Intelligence Community Interprets Imprecise Evaluative Linguistic Expressions, and How to Justify This Empirical-Based Interpretation.- How to Explain Empirical Distribution of Software Defects by Severity.- Part III: Applications of Data Science to Economics. Applied Data Science Systems.- Tobacco Spending in Georgia: Machine Learning Approach.- Explaining Wages in Ukraine: Experience or Education?.- On the Nash Equilibrium in Stochastic Games of Capital Accumulation on a Graph.- Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring on the Base of Intelligent Sensors for Smart City.- Assessment of Sustainable Development Goals Achieving With Use of NEXUS Approach in the Framework of GEOEssential ERA-PLANET Project.- An Efficient Remote Disaster Management Technique Using IoT for Expeditious Medical Supplies to Affected Area: An Architectural Study and Implementation.- Part IV: Knowledge Engineering Methods. Ontology Engineering. Intelligent Educational Systems.- Method of Activity of Ontology-Based Intelligent Agent for Evaluating Initial Stages of the Software Lifecycle.- Ontological Representation of Legal Information and an Idea of Crowdsourcing for Its Filling.- Methods for Automated Generation of Scripts Hierarchies from Examples and Diagnosis of Behavior.- Development of the Mathematical Model of the Informational Resource of a Distance Learning System.- Use of Information Technologies to Improve Access to Information in E-Learning Systems.- Multi-Agent Approach Towards Creating an Adaptive Learning Environment.- Part V: Intelligent Search and Information Analysis in Local and Global Networks.- Usage of Decision Support Systems in Information Operations Recognition.- How Click-Fraud Shapes Traffic: A Case Study.- The Model of Words Cumulative Influence in a Text .- Mathematical and Computer Models of Message Distribution in Social Networks Based on the Space Modifcation of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Approach.- Social Network Structure as a Predictor of Social Behavior: The Case of Protest in the 2016 US Presidential Election.- Internet Data Analysis to Evaluate the Optimal Placement of New Facilities.- Part VI: Novel Theoretical and Practical Applications of Data Science.- Algebra of Clusterizable Relations.- Constructive Proofs of Heterogeneous Equalities in Cubical Type Theory.- Improved Method of Determining the Alternative Set of Numbers in Residue Number System.- Method of an Optimal Nonlinear Extrapolation of a Noisy Random Sequence on the Basis of the Apparatus of Canonical Expansions.- Regularization of Hidden Markov Models Embedded into Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space.- Application of Probabilistic-Algebraic Simulation for Processing and Analysis of Large Amounts of Data.- Multiblock ADMM with Nesterov Acceleration.- Input Information in the Approximate Calculation of Two-Dimensional Integral from Highly Oscillating Functions (Irregular Case).- A New Approach to Data Compression.



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