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Organized Crime, Fear and Peacebuilding in Mexico

Organized Crime, Fear and Peacebuilding in Mexico
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1.Chapter 1: Introduction
2.Chapter 2: Terrorism and Fear: Their Impact on Social and Democratic Development2.1Terrorism: Violence as a Vehicle for Communication2.2The Drivers of Terrorism2.3The Impact of Fear on Democratic Development, Human Rights and Inclusion2.4Multidirectional Effects2.5The Role of the Media2.6Conflict, Victimization and Democratic Processes
3.Chapter 3: Terror and Fear: The Mexican Case3.1The Evolution of Organized Crime and Violence in Mexico Since 20063.2Terrorism, Quasi-Terrorism or Terrorist Tactics?
4.Chapter 4: Violence and Its Psychosocial Effects in Mexico4.1Introduction4.2Background4.3The Nature of Our Research4.4Results4.5Trauma Caused by Learning about an Incident: The First Signs of the Role of the Media4.6Other Results and Symptoms4.7Comparing Our Research and Other Studies and Discussions4.8Conclusions and Initial Recommendations
5.Chapter 5: Social Construction of Fear: The Role of Experience, Observation and Conversation5.1Qualitative Methodology5.2The Conceptual Framework5.3Phase 1: A Mexico City Neighborhood5.4Phase 2: Expanding the Study5.5Phases 1 and 2 Findings: Own Experience, Oral Conversation and Experiences of People Close to Participants5.6The Fear Factor5.7Phase 3: Company X, A Business Run Differently5.8The Study at Company X5.9Results of the Company X Employee Study (Phase 3)5.10Low Variations between the Company X Employee Study (Phase 3) and the Other Studies (Phases 1 and 2)5.11Contrasting the Three Phases of our Qualitative Investigation5.12What Can Be Gleaned from the Accumulation of Results
6.Chapter 6: Social Construction of Fear: The Role of the Media6.1Conceptual Framework: The Mass Media and Peacebuilding6.2Phase 4: Methodology and Sampling6.3Results6.4What distanced participants from the media?6.5What attracted participants to certain mass media?6.6Social Media6.7Connecting the Four Phases of the Qualitative Investigation and the PTSD Study6.8Fear, Peacebuilding and Democratic Development: What the Findings Say?
7.Chapter 7: Public Policy Proposals and General Recommendations7.1Delving Further into the Research7.2General Recommendations: Valuing the Importance of Local Measures7.3Recommendations Related to Mass Media
8.Chapter 8: Summary and Conclusions.


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