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Human Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in East Asia

Human Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in East Asia
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1. Human Security in East Asia: Beyond Crises By Carolina G. HERNANDEZ, Eun Mee KIM, Yoichi MINE, and REN Xiao

2. Toward a Theory of Human Security By Akihiko Tanaka

3.Sovereignty Issues in a Humanitarian Emergency: The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake By Woo Yeal PAIK

4. Human Security after the Great East Japan Earthquake: Rethinking the Role of External Assistance.- By Oscar A. GÓMEZ

5. Colliding Disasters: Conflict and Tsunami in the Context of Human Security in Aceh, Indonesia By Vidhyandika Djati PERKASA

6. Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar: The Perfect Storm? By Brendan M. HOWE

7. The Haiyan Crisis: Empowering the Local, Engaging the Global By Perlita M. FRAGO-MARASIGAN

8. China in the Fight against the Ebola Crisis: Human Security Perspectives By Shunji CUI

9. Human Insecurity Scourge: The Land Grabbing Crisis in Cambodia By Sovachana POU and Paul Chambers

10. The Protracted Crisis in Mindanao: Japan's Cooperation and Human Security By Sachiko ISHIKAWA and Dennis QUILALA

11. South Korea's Refugee Policies: National and Human Security Perspectives By Shin-wha LEE

12. Trafficking of Fishermen in Southeast Asia: Sovereignty Questions and Regional Challenges.- By Surangrut JUMNIANPOL, Nithi NUANGJAMNONG, and Sompong SRAKAEW
13. Conclusion: Ownership and Collaboration for Human Security in East Asia By Carolina G. HERNANDEZ, Eun Mee KIM, Yoichi MINE, REN Xiao, and Ako MUTO


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Sprachen: Englisch
Autor: Carolina G. Hernandez, Eun Mee Kim, Ren Xiao, Yoichi Mine


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