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Theorizing Central Asian Politics: The State, Ideology and Power

Theorizing Central Asian Politics: The State, Ideology and Power
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Political Theory and Central Asia: An Introduction. Rico Isaacs and Alessandro Frigerio

SECTION I. Exploring Models of Governance

Chapter 2. Legitimacy and Legitimation in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Rico Isaacs and Sofya du Boulay

Chapter 3. Governmentalization of Kazakhstani State: Between Governmentality and Neopatrimonial Capitalism. Assel Tutumlu

Chapter 4. Theorizing the managerialism-neoliberalism-development nexus: Changing donor landscapes and persistence of practices in Kyrgyzstan. Liga Rudzite

Chapter 5. Rawlsian Liberalism and Rationalistic Maturidi Islam in Central Asia. Galym Zhussipbek and Kairat Moldashev

SECTION II. Revealing Ideological Justifications

Chapter 6. In Search for "National Purpose": in Theory and Practice. Formation and Main Features of National ideologies in post-Soviet Central Asia. Parviz Mullojanov

Chapter 7. Compartmentalized Ideology: Presidential Addresses and Legitimation in Kazakhstan. Diana Kudaibergenova

Chapter 8. Beyond "Personality Cults": Sacralization of Power in Kazakhstan and the Concept of Monarchy. Adrien Fauve

Chapter 9. Eternal Futurostan: Myths, Fantasies and the Making of Astana in post-Soviet Kazakhstan. Mikhail Akulov

SECTION III. Reframing State and Order

Chapter 10. The State Identities in post-Soviet Foreign Policy: Theories and Cases in Central Asia. Selbi Hanova

Chapter 11. The Heartland of IR Theory? Central Asia as an 'International Society' between Realism and Liberalism. Filippo Costa Buranelli

Chapter 12. The Incomplete State: Re-conceptualizing State and Society Relations in Central Asia. Viktoria Akchurina

Chapter 13. Driving in Almaty: Ironic Perspectives on Domestic Anarchical Society. Alessandro Frigerio

Chapter 14. Postscript: Dude Where is my Theory? Rico Isaacs and Alessandro Frigerio


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Autor: Alessandro Frigerio, Rico Isaacs


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