An Analytical Study into Advertisements for the 'Commodity Self'

An Analytical Study into Advertisements for the 'Commodity Self'
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Essay from the year 2009 in the subject Sociology - Consumption and Advertising, grade: A, University of Derby, course: BA in Sociology and Film and Television Studies, language: English, abstract: This essay analyses advertisements for consumer culture, 'the commodity culture'. By looking at semiotics and Saussure's concept of the sign and also explaining what is meant by the signified and the signifier, we will look at the linguistic model and explain how this applies to the chosen advert or adverts that are analysed. The essay will investigate commodity culture and show the commodity fetishisms of consumers and discuss the theories of Marxism and how they also relate to the adverts. Evidence of Romanticism and naturalistic elements will be investigated using Williamsons view on 'the natural' and the 'unnatural'. Finally the essay will discuss the psychoanalytical ideas of Freud and Lacan in terms of dreams, desire, fantasy and the concept of the 'mirror phase' from Williamson.


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