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Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches: Innovative Methods and Applications

Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches: Innovative Methods and Applications
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Sequence Analysis: Where Are We, Where Are We Going?:Gilbert Ritschard and Matthias Studer.- Part I About Different Longitudinal Approaches in Longitudinal Analysis: Do Different Approaches in Population Science Lead to Divergent or Convergent Models?.- Daniel Courgeau.- Case Studies of Combining Sequence Analysis and Modelling: Mervi Eerola.- Part II Sequence Analysis and Event History Analysis: Glass Ceilings, Glass Escalators and Revolving Doors: Lydia Malin and Ramsey Wise.- Modelling Mortality Using Life Trajectories of Disabled and Non-Disabled Individuals in 19th-Century Sweden: Erling Ha¨ggstro¨m Lundevaller, Lotta Vikstro¨m, and Helena Haage.- Sequence History Analysis (SHA): Estimating the Effect of Past Trajectories on an Upcoming Event: Florence Rossignon, Matthias Studer, Jacques-Antoine Gauthier and Jean-Marie Le Goff.- Part III The Sequence Network Approach: Network Analysis of Sequence Structures: Benjamin Cornwell.- Relational Sequence Networks as a Tool for Studying Gendered Mobility Patterns: Klaus Hamberger.- Part IV Unfolding the Process: Multiphase Sequence Analysis: Thomas Collas.- Unpacking Configurational Dynamics: Sequence Analysis and Qualitative Comparative Analysis as a Mixed-Method Design: Camilla Borgna and Emanuela Struffolino.- Combining Sequence Analysis and Hidden Markov Models in the Analysis of Complex Life Sequence Data: Satu Helske, Jouni Helske, and Mervi Eerola.- Part V Advances in Sequence Clustering: Markovian-based Clustering of Internet Addiction Trajectories: Zhivko Taushanov and Andre´ Berchtold.- Divisive Property-Based and Fuzzy Clustering for Sequence Analysis: Matthias Studer.- From 07.00 to 22.00: A Dual-Earner Couple's Typical Day in Italy: Ivano Bison and Alessandro Scalcon.- Part VI Appraising Sequence Quality: Measuring Sequence Quality: Anna Manzoni and Irma Mooi-Reci.- An Index of Precarity for Measuring Early Employment Insecurity: Gilbert Ritschard, Margherita Bussi, and Jacqueline O'Reilly.- Subject Index.


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Autor: Gilbert Ritschard, Matthias Studer


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