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Researching Risk and Uncertainty: Methodologies, Methods and Research Strategies

Researching Risk and Uncertainty: Methodologies, Methods and Research Strategies
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1 Introduction, Jens Zinn & Anna Olofsson.- Part I: Visual and Ethnographic Methods. - 2 Seeing Risk and Risking Seeing: Studying Audiences in Participatory Visual Research; Claudia Mitchell.- 3. Key Points of Interactive Research: An Ethnographic Approach to Risk; Roanne van Voorst and Dorothea Hilhorst.- 4. Virtual Ethnography: Managing Pharmacological Risk and Uncertainty in Online Drug Forums; Moritz Berning and Anita Hardon.- Part 2: Narrative, Biographical and Mixed Analyses. - 5 The Domestic Cycle Approach as Methodological Tool in Risk Research; Libertad Chavez-Rodriguez.- 6. Investigating Risk: Methodological Insights from Interpretive Social Science and Sustainable Energy Transitions Research; Karen Henwood. - 7. The Problem-Centred Approach for Researching Biographical Uncertainty and Risk; Herwig Reiter.- 8. Using Repeat Interviewing and Diaries to Research the Impact of Life-Threatening Events: The Example of Stroke Survivors' Narratives; Andy Alaszewski. - 9. Interviews as a Means of Exploring Risk Lifeworlds: Excavating the Roots of Everyday Meanings, Experiences and Practices; Patrick Brown, Gerben Moerman, and Christian Bröer. - Part 3: Surveys and Statistical Methods. - 10. International Comparative Surveys in Risk Perception Research: Data Sets, Construction of Questionnaires, and Analytical Dimensions; Aist  Balzekien . - 11. Quantitative Analysis of Risk Positions: An Exploratory Approach;  Susanna Öhman & Anna Olofsson.-  Part 4: Discourse and Semantic Analyses.- 12. Tracing Discourses and Uncovering the 'Performativity' of Risk: Exploring the Role of Discourse Analysis in Studies of Risk and Inequality; Katarina Giritli Nygren.- 13. Investigating Risk, Uncertainty and Normativity Within the Framework of Digital Discourse Analysis: Renewable Energies in Climate Change Discourse, Marcus Müller & Jörn Stegmeier.- 14. Utilizing Corpus Linguistic Tools for Analysing Social Change in Risk; Jens O Zinn. - 15. Concluding Thoughts and Perspectives for Interdisciplinary Risk Research; Jens Zinn & Anna Olofsson.


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