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Legitimacy: Ethnographic and Theoretical Insights

Legitimacy: Ethnographic and Theoretical Insights
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Chapter 1. Introduction: Methodological and Theoretical Issues of Legitimacy

Italo Pardo, University of Kent, UK, and Giuliana B. Prato, University of Kent, UK


Chapter 2. On the Legitimacy of Political Representation: Institutional Adaptations to Challenges from Urban Europe

Giuliana B. Prato, University of Kent, UK


Chapter 3.A Conundrum of Democracy: Naples as a Test Case of Governance that Lacks Legitimacy

Italo Pardo, University of Kent, UK


Chapter 4. Unemployment, Urban Poverty and Political Legitimacy: The Dark Side of Governance

Manos Spyridakis, University of the Peloponnese, Greece


Chapter 5. Legal but not Legitimate: Changing Practices of Financial Citizenship in Turkey

Z. Nurdan Atalay Günes, Mardin Artuklu University, Turley


Chapter 6. Changing Ideas of Legitimacy in Neighbourhoods: Reflections from a Town in Kerala

Janaki Abraham, University of Delhi, India


Chapter 7. Privatization of Urban Governance and the Disputes for Legitimacy in a Social Housing Megaproject in Soacha, Colombia

Adriana Hurtado Tarazon, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia


Chapter 8. In or Out? Claims and Practices of Legitimacy in Urban East Africa

Lucy Koechlin, University of Basel, Switzerland


Chapter 9. Undermining Governmental Legitimacy at the Grass Roots: The Role of Failed Promises and Inflated Expectations of Community Accountability

Jerome Krase, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, USA, and Kathryn Krase, LIU Brooklyn, USA


Chapter 10. Detachment and Commitment in the Competing Claims of Legitimacy Surrounding the Ephemeral Opposition to the Redesign of Viger Square, Montreal, Quebec

Nathalie Boucher, Organisme R.Es.P.I.R.E, Montreal, Canada


Chapter 11. Citizenship and Legitimacy in India: Kolkata's Anglo-Indian Experiences

Robyn Andrews, Massey University, New Zealand


Chapter 12. Morality, Ethics and Legitimacy: The Roma and their Legitimization of Power Relations in Everyday Life

Zdenek Uherek, Charles University, Prague


Chapter 13. Conflicting Loyalties and Legitimate Illegality in Urban South Lebanon

Marcello Mollica, University of Messina, Italy


Chapter 14. Mourning Through Protest in Seoul: Debates over Governance, Morality and Legitimacy after the Sew l Ferry Disaster

Liora Sarfati, Tel Aviv University, Israel


Chapter 15. Legitimacy and Urbanities: Utilising the Durkheimian Perspective.
James Dingley, Gibson Institute, Queen's University Belfast, UK


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Autor: Giuliana B. Prato, Italo Pardo


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