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Digital Intimate Publics and Social Media

Digital Intimate Publics and Social Media
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Introduction.- PART 1: SHAPING INTIMACY.- Digital Intimate Publics & Social Media: towards theorising public lives on private platforms.- Publicising privacy, weaponising publicity: The dialectic of online abuse on social media.- Software Intimacies: Social Media and the Unbearability of Death.- Snapshots of Afterlife: The cultural intimacies of posthumous camera phone practices.- Remembering through Facebook: Mediated memory and intimate digital traces.- Sexting, Intimate and Sexual Media Practices, and Social Justice.- PART 2: PUBLIC BODIES.- Digital Masculine Disruptions: Intimate Webcam Forums and the Challenge to Heterosexual Normativities.- "This dapper hotty is working that tweed look": Extending Workplace Affects on TubeCrush.- Effervescence, resonance and emotive practice on social media: Public expressions of heartbreak among young Filipino Twitter users.- 'We're all gonna make it brah': Homosocial relations, vulnerability and intimacy in an online bodybuilding community.- 'It's nice to see you're not the only one with kinks': Presenting Intimate Privates in Intimate Publics on Tumblr.- Between firefighting and flaming: collective and personal Trans* and gender-diverse Social Media.- PART 3: NEGOTIATING INTIMACY.- "There are literally no rules when it comes to these things": ethical practice and the use of dating/hook-up apps.- Speaking to the Other: Digital Intimate Publics and Gamergate.- Ambivalent Intimacies: Entangled Pains and Gains Through Facebook Use in Transnational Family Life.- Oversharing is the norm.- Archives of Sadness: sharing bereavement and generating emotional exchange between strangers on YouTube.


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