Personal & Professional Development (PDP)

Personal & Professional Development (PDP)
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Essay from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: B-, University of Bedfordshire, course: MSc Finance & Business Management, language: English, abstract: This report is written on the topic 'Personal and Professional Development' which was introduced by University of Bedfordshire's former student named Arti Kumar. In term of scope this report is broader in context as it includes the application and utilization of certain frameworks and model which we read and learnt in Business Communication module 2. This report consists of two main sections (Findings & Conclusion). In the finding phase, I applied the SOAR model for the purpose of career development. This SOAR framework has four aspects which are: Self awareness, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. In the first factor (Self-Awareness) I applied another model called MAP (Motivation, Ability and Personality) and found that the career progression is my prominent motivating factor and also concluded that the learning style which looks most attracting for myself is Diverger. And at last I also determined that the personality type characteristics which carried is Harmoniser. In the opportunity phase, I sorted out that in the short run, the most feasible option for myself is to engage in UK retail sector through the temporary or part time job and while in the long run, It would most attracting thing for me is to get employment in the Libyan Government sector as my preference is Job security when it comes to evaluate and analysis any job position. So it means that my aspiration is get employed by Government and then to progression in the specified department or area. Then in the Result phase, I demonstrates the result by mentioned that I have crafted my CV and Cover Letter in relation to the Aspirations I outlined in the previous part. After the SOAR model, I used and harnessed some more models to explore and elaborate self-relisation in depth. Through the use of Johari Window Test on Internet, I discovered certain new things about myself that my blind spot characteristics are intelligent, mature, extrovert and caring. And while the open Area traits are Trustworthy and Confident. Through undergoing Cash-flow Quadrant model, I determined that as job security is my prominent approach in evaluating the given job, so I want to engage myself in Employee Quadrant in short-run as well as in long-run. At the very end, I used Covey's 7 Habits theory and preferred to adopt first three habits as it will be enough to me to have to do the government job. So, one can say that this report summarises all my career planning and development.


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