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Managing Hybrid Organizations: Governance, Professionalism and Regulation

Managing Hybrid Organizations: Governance, Professionalism and Regulation
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1. Exploring Constitutional Hybridity; Susanna Alexius and Staffan Furusten.2. Variations and Dynamics of Hybridity in Different Types of Organizations; Staffan Furusten and Svenne Junker.3. 'Same same but different': Trust, Confidence and Governance among Swedish Mutual Insurers; Mats Larsson and Mikael Lönnborg.4. Governance Structures in Customer-owned Hybrid Organizations: Interpreting Democracy in Mutual Insurance Companies; Tiziana Sardiello, Susanna Alexius and Staffan Furusten.5. Having it Both Ways: Managing Contested Market Money in a Civil Society Organization; Ola Segnestam-Larsson and Susanna Alexius.6. Hybridity as Fluid Identity in the Organization of Associations: The Case of Friskis & Svettis; Anna Fryberg Yngfalk and Carl Yngfalk.7. The Importance of the Owner Relationship in Shaping Hybrid Organizations; Anna Thomasson.8. Logics and Practices of Board Appointment in Hybrid Organizations: The Case of Swedish State-Owned Enterprises; Susanna Alexius, Jenny Cisneros Örnberg and Guiseppe Grossi.9. Hybrid Organizations in the Italian Regional Context: A Case Study From the Cultural Heritage Industry; Paolo Canonico, Mario Pezzillo Iacono, Marcello Martinez, Gianluigi mangia and Stefano Consiglio.10. Problematic Outcomes of Organization Hybridity: The Case of Samhall; Mats Jutterström.11. Governance Implications from a Re-hybridizing Agricultural Co-operative; Stefan Einarsson and Filip Wijkström.12. 'Becoming a Co-operative?': Emergent Identity and Governance Struggles in the Context of Institutional Ambiguity in a Citizen-led Healthcare Co-operative; Mirjam Werner and Sylke F. Jellema.13. Hybrid Challenges in Times of Changing Institutional Conditions: The Rise and Fall of the Natural Step as a Multivocal Bridge Builder; Susanna Alexius and Staffan Furusten.14.  Revenue Diversification in Different Institutional Environments: Financing and Governing the Swedish Art Promotion Movement 1947-2017; Martin Gustavsson.15. A Legislator's Inability to Legislate Different Species: A Swedish Case Study oncerning Mutual Insurance Companies; Jan Andersson16. New International Rules for Corporate Governance and the Roles of Management and Boards of Directors; Alexander R. Besher and Staffan Furusten.17. Managing Hybrid Organizations; Staffan Furusten and Susanna Alexius.


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