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International Perspectives on Critical Pedagogies in ELT

International Perspectives on Critical Pedagogies in ELT
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Chapter I: Introducing International Critical Pedagogies in ELT; Mario E. López-Gopar.- Section 1: Teaching Beyond Language.- Chapter II: "When I came to Canada like I heard lots of bad stuff about Aboriginal people": Disrupting Settler colonial discourses through English Language Teaching; Andrea Sterzuk and Simone Hengen.- Chapter III: Critical pedagogy in Saudi college EFL classrooms under the neoliberal economy; Osman Z. Barnawi.- Chapter IV: A Filipino L2 Classroom: Negotiating Power Relations and the Role of English in a Critical LOTE/World Language Classroom; Jayson Parba and Graham Crookes.- Chapter V: The intersections between critical pedagogy and public pedagogy: Hong Kong students and the Umbrella Movement; Christian W. Chun.- Section 2: Dialoguing With Teachers.- Chapter VI: "The Coin of Teaching English has Two Sides": Constructing Identities as Critical English Teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico; Edwin N. León Jiménez, William Sughrua, Angeles Clemente, Vilma Huerta Cordova and Alba E. Vásquez Miranda.- Chapter VII: Negotiating Gender and Sexual Diversity in English Language Teaching: "Critical"- Oriented Educational Materials Designed by Pre-Service English Teachers at a South African University; Navan N. Govender.- Chapter VIII: Teachers explore the complexity of learners' lives through ethnographic projects; Maria Dantas-Whitney.- Chapter IX: Mapping our Ways to Critical Pedagogies: Stories from Colombia; Amparo Clavijo-Olarte and Judy Sharkey.- Section 3: Questioning the Critical.- Chapter X: Educating English Language Teachers to Critical Language Awareness: A collaborative Franco-Japanese project; Christine Hélot, Masahito Yoshimura and Andrea Young.- Chapter XI: Academic Language and Learning in an Australian Context; Anne Swan.- Chapter XII: 'A Gin and Tonic and a Window Seat': Critical Pedagogy in Arabia; Paul Hudson.- Chapter XIII: Conclusion: Politicized Qualitative Research Methodology of Critical ELT Studies; William M. Sughrua.


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