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The Romantic Legacy of Charles Dickens

The Romantic Legacy of Charles Dickens
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Chapter 1: Introduction

Literary Context

A Methodology of Influence, Ecology and Things

Critical Context

Method, Design and Structure

Chapter 2: Childhood

Education Debates and Parental Aspirations

David Copperfield: Failing Families

Childhood to Adulthood

Heroes and Villains

Romantic Pedigree

Tempestuous Images

Great Expectations: a Novel without a Hero?

Character and Environment

Chapter 3: Time

Watches and Clocks

Dombey and Son: Hides and Hearts

'A Watch That'll Do You Credit'

Commonplace Obituaries, Infant Philosophy

A Wandering Princess and a Good Monster

Our Mutual Friend: the Poorest of Mr. Dickens's Works

A Battle Within and Without

River and Rail

Chapter 4: Progress

Revolution and Science

Bleak House: Mudfog Revisited

Old School

Love One Another or Die

Hard Times outside London

Strangled in its cradle

Stale, flat, and unprofitable

Perfect Integrity

Chapter 5: Outsiders

Guilt and Isolation

Dickens and Master Humphrey

Unnatural Oppositions

Lonely Wanderers

Little Dorrit: Mind-forged Manacles

Pillars of Society

Familiar yet Misplaced

Nearly Everything of Importance

Chapter 6: Conclusion


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