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Affect Theory and Literary Critical Practice: A Feel for the Text

Affect Theory and Literary Critical Practice: A Feel for the Text
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1. Introduction: A Feel for the Text, Stephen Ahern Part I Feeling Early Modern 2. The Body in Wonder: Affective Suspension and Medieval Queer Futurity, Wan-Chuan Kao 3. (Non-)Belief in Things: Affect Theory and A New Literary Materialism, Neil Vallelly 4. Semblances of Affect in the Early English Novel: Narrating Intensity, Joel P. Sodano Part II Affective Transmissions, Romantic to Victorian 5. Reading and the Sociality of Disappointing Affects in Jane Austen, Carmen Faye Mathes 6. Shame and its Affects: The Form-Content Implosion of Shelley's The Cenci, Merrilees Roberts 7. Bodily Sympathy, Affect, and Victorian Sensation Fiction, Tara MacDonald 8. Feeling Other(s): Dracula and the Ethics of Unmanageable Affect, Kimberly O'Donnell Part III Modernist Contingencies: Engaging the Ineffable 9. Glad Animals: Speed, Affect, and Modern Literature, Katherine G. Sutherland 10. Senses without Names: Affective Becomings in William Faulkner and Carson McCullers, Jill Marsden Part IV Bodies Write Back: Attending to Affect in Contemporary Writing 11. Invisible Memories: Black Feminist Literature and its Affective Flights, Jamie Rogers 12. On Good Listening, Postcritique, and Ta-Nehisi Coates' Affective Testimony, Tobias Skiveren 13. Feeling Nature, Reconsidered: Ecocriticism, Affect, and the Case of H is for Hawk , Lisa Ottum.


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