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Transforming the IT Services Lifecycle with AI Technologies

Transforming the IT Services Lifecycle with AI Technologies
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As more and more industries are experiencing digital disruption, using information technology to enable a competitive advantage becomes a critical success factor for all enterprises. This book covers the authors' insights on how AI technologies can fundamentally reshape the IT services delivery lifecycle to deliver better business outcomes through a data-driven and knowledge-based approach. Three main challenges and the technologies to address them are discussed in detail:

·         Gaining actionable insight from operational data for service management automation and improved human decision making

·         Capturing and enhancing expert knowledge throughout the lifecycle from solution design to ongoing service improvement

·         Enabling self-service for service requests and problem resolution, through intuitive natural language interfaces

The authors are top researchers and practitioners with deep experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and IT service management and are discussing both practical advice for IT teams and advanced research results.  The topics appeal to CIOs and CTOs as well as researchers who want to understand the state of the art of applying artificial intelligence to a very complex problem space. 

Although the book is concise, it comprehensively discuss topics like gaining insight from operational data for automatic problem diagnosis and resolution as well as continuous service optimization, AI for solution design and conversational self-service systems.


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Autor: John Davis, Kristof Kloeckner, Nicholas C. Fuller


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